More Durable

The inner rubber of tublar elastic webbing actually got damaged during stitching process, that would cause lousy elastic after years using, bring customers complain. However, our latest elastic webbing which made from BUNGETECH™, the inner rubber is single processing formed at weaving process, it is capable to keep space stitching or other further process to ensure the rubber keeps still. That's why our BUNGETECH™ webbing is more durable than any others.

Stronger & Safer

In static tension test, the minimum breaking strength is 2.5KN/550lb~22kN/5000lb for our standard BUNGETCH™ webbing. In dynamic drop test, our BUNGETECH webbing could limit maximum arresting force on one person in 4kN/900lb which means BENGETECH™ is even safer for end-users.

Better Stretch

Made by material Polyester. Compared to regular elastic webbing in same strap length, the BUNGETECH™ webbing could stretch longer that provides user wider working range.

Worldwide Regulation compliance

The application and structure design of BUNGETECH™ is compliance to worldwide regulation RoHS, REACH, EN, OSHA/ANSI, JIS, CNS etc.

Soft and Light-weight

Its weight is 15% less than any other elastic strap. And it provides user soft and comfort while operation.


We got new invention patent in 2018 and have developing whole new product line with it.